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Get your body and health thouroughly checked. Visit us for consultation services


Need of medicines? We have you all covered. Be also informed on what you take in.

Patient Care

We sure to take good care of our patients. Our trained medical staff are here to assisst.

Hospital Services

Get to know more what we do and what we offer. We have the complete and up to date facilities.

We are here to inform

Be informed of hte first aids you can do on your own in times of emergency and other needs

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Get regular checkups especially when you undergo treatments, it is good to get monitored by doctors.

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Get the updated equipments and technology for your treatment and diagnosis.

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Here at SHZXCJY, we make sure that we got your health secured and covered as possible. Also, through this site, we would like you to be informed about how to maintain a healthy body and be aware of your medical state such as prevention of diseases, first aids and more essentials.

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We are the medical service and information provider that expresses our medical concerns to everyone

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the service and information to where we can reach out as much as possible, about health, medical knowledge and awareness that we hope to benefit the health of everyone.

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