Shzxcjy Medical Botox – The New Acne Treatment That Took Us by Surprise

Botox – The New Acne Treatment That Took Us by Surprise

Doctors in North America are among the first plastic surgeons to use Botox injections in order to treat acne. This is in fact a major breakthrough in acne treatment as this new solution proves to be far more effective than any other drug or treatment alternative. U.S. Doctors are already treating a number of patients that suffer from Acne and the results they say are very promising. As they describe it, the Botox treatment is sure to become the most effective solution to acne problems and may soon be used on a large scale in the United Stated and all over the world.

New Uses of Abobotulinumtoxin A in Aesthetics

Botox or Clostridium botulinum is a substance that is widely used as an anti aging solution. When injected this toxin directly into the muscle tissue it tweaks with the nerve impulses and thus helps alleviate the wrinkles. The treatment is widely used and using Botox presents no side effects. However, the anti wrinkling effect is temporary and the treatment is repeated after a certain number of months in order to preserve the desired effects.

When it comes to getting rid of acne, Botox is injected into the skin instead of the muscle. As doctors describe the procedure, the Botox toxin is injected into the skin and helps eliminate the sebum production, the large pores and ultimately the production of various bacteria that lead to Acne problems. When injected into the skin, Botox reduces our natural production of a certain chemical called acetycholine. This chemical occurring in our skin, the acetycholine, is the one that helps produce the sebum and thus is the one that once eliminated helps us get rid of extra sebum, bacteria and ultimately Acne.

Acne can affect more than your skin

So far, doctors are only treating adult patients and they are very pleased with the results. Patients show serious improvements and most of them seem to get rid of acne in less than a month following treatment. It is safe to say that this innovative treatment will soon become the Acne solution that everyone looked for. Once all these studies conducted by multiple doctors in the United States will show good results, the anti Acne Botox injections will probably become more popular all over the United States and around the world.

So far Botox has been used mainly as a wonder treatment of wrinkles. Injected directly into the muscle tissue between the eyebrows, the Botox toxin improved wrinkles by reducing the activity of the muscle and thus reducing those familiar lines we all get between the eyebrows as we age. Today, more and more plastic surgeons are starting to use Botox injections to treat Acne. This new Acne solution works by reducing the production of sebum.  The Botox toxin is now injected into the skin instead of the muscle tissue in order to reduce the production of acetycholine, a chemical responsible for sebum. Once the production of sebum is reduced, the acne gradually disappears. Botox is thus helping us in both wrinkle reduction as well as pimple reduction.

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