Shzxcjy Health How to prevent diabetes from getting in the way of a holiday

How to prevent diabetes from getting in the way of a holiday

Millions of people around the world have diabetes, yet with the right precautions they can still enjoy holidays abroad without complications.

The key to living with the disorder is to keep a few principles in mind when out and about, while also remembering that your body may react differently to certain things compared with your travelling companions.

How to handle diabetes during the holidays

What this latter point means is that you should not assume that you can handle something just because a non-diabetic is doing it. A perfect example of this is how the relaxing lifestyle you lead on holiday lends itself to a certain type of – justified – laziness and unhealthy behaviour, such as drinking too much.

As a diabetic, you need to look after your health carefully, so drinking too much alcohol, smoking or eating lots of fatty or sugary foods just is not an option unless you want to have to deal with complications while overseas. It can be worth taking out travel insurance for diabetics just in case something happens anyway.

If you are planning a trip with someone who you know likes to get drunk, then you have two options; either you reconsider your choice of travelling companion or you make your peace with the fact that you will need to stay relatively sober while they are inebriated. If you choose the latter, then bear in mind that your blood-glucose level will be improved if you have something to eat before consuming alcohol.

Change Your Ways, Reduce Your Risk

Your diet is a key part of living with diabetes, so you will know that you cannot just try everything without considering the consequences. Many meals you sample while abroad will be a complete mystery, so you will not be able to be as careful as you are at home, but do your best to regulate what you eat.

A good way of combatting greater fluctuations in your blood-glucose levels is to get plenty of exercise on your vacation; try just going for a jog every morning – it is actually a wonderful way to start the day and leaves you feeling refreshed.

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