Shzxcjy Medical The Scenario of Liposuction in Oregon, the hub of advanced plastic surgery

The Scenario of Liposuction in Oregon, the hub of advanced plastic surgery

Oregon has always been considered as the center of advanced plastic surgery and of late Oregon liposuction has gained tremendous popularity. There is good reason behind it. The Oregon plastic surgeons have invested heavily over the last couple of years in research and analysis on different forms of advanced plastic surgery because they always wanted to come up with a solution for the high side effect profile of conventional liposuction. Liposuction has always been a popular technique across the United States, but the biggest problem with conventional liposuction is it involves some amount of blood loss and also some serious downtime is associated with it. The patients are not able to get back to normal life right after the day of surgery. So, even to the benefits of liposuction or tremendous, many patients have kept themselves from taking the decision in favor of the surgery because of its huge side effect profile.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Some people also believe that conventional liposuction actually allows the removed fat molecules to come back after a period of time in unexpected places on the body and that makes life even more difficult for the patient. Actually, in conventional liposuction, the plastic surgeon uses a vacuum pump to extract the excess fat reserves in different parts of the body and since this is done manually, it is not possible for the plastic surgeon to reach out all the corners of the body and remove all excess fat. As a result of this, some areas remain totally untreated or partially treated and these are the areas that again become the hub of fat development and that gradually spreads to the neighboring areas. The hormone systems of the body also get misbalanced and the fat starts appearing in unexpected places.

The Oregon plastic surgeons have come up with a solution now. Noninvasive methods of liposuction are now being used in most Oregon liposuction clinics. There are basically two different kinds of noninvasive liposuction methods – one that uses ultrasonic sound waves to target the fat reserves and the other that uses laser beams to melt the fat reserves under the skin. Both of these methods are highly effective and sometimes the results are better compared to traditional liposuction. The ultrasonic sound waves used are highly targeted and they only target the fat reserves in specific parts of the body and vibrate them strongly enough to break them down into very small molecules that are easily removed by the body itself.

Tumescent Liposuction

The method is absolutely safe and since this is noninvasive it does not involve any side effects at all. This nonsurgical alternative to liposuction has been gaining popularity across the entire country and if you’re looking to seriously lose some fat without having to worry about side effects, ultrasonic liposuction or laser liposuction could be of help to you.

However, the long-term effects of such noninvasive methods of liposuction have not yet been studied because these methods are relatively new, but the doctors believe that they are going to be safe for long-term as well and the invasive methods of liposuction are gradually going to get obliterated.

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