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To quit smoking, think short term

Everyone knows the long-term problems caused by smoking, but perhaps smokers should focus on short-term issues to help them quit.

It is generally agreed that cigarettes are bad for you and links to serious illnesses such as lung cancer are hard to ignore, yet these obviously valid reasons are often not enough to prompt people to drop their habit.

How to Quit Smoking

For many smokers, it is not that they do not understand the severity of the health issues they may be in store for; people who have smoked for a long time will have no doubt heard countless times all about the drawbacks of their vice. The problem may be that these negatives are too far in the distance.

To combat this, it is perhaps necessary to hammer home the need to quit and look at how it affects your life in the short term. In the grand scheme of things these might not be as serious as deadly diseases, but they could prove pivotal.

Once you have psychologically persuaded a friend to quit, the next step is to physically help them; look through some E-Cigarette reviews and find an appropriate substitute for their habit.

What are the short-term benefits of quitting smoking?

So what sort of short term drawbacks can you list to help smokers leave their vice behind? Here are a few suggestions:

Sport – For sports enthusiasts, the idea that they might be able to play their chosen game better may trump their desire to smoke, so make sure you stress how their healthier lungs will have an immediate payoff, not just a long-term reward.

Scent – Not something that a smoker will tend to notice, but smoke is actually a very strong odour for those that do not partake in the habit. While it is a superficial reason to give up, the prospect of walking into a room and smelling good can be persuasive for some.

Stress – Smokers will often get anxious if they have not had a cigarette in a while and this is something that makes quitting even harder. But the thing is, once smoking is out of your system, this rollercoaster of stress is eliminated and you are free to focus on life’s other curiosities.

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